Covid-19/ Coronavirus


 The Coronavirus has affected us all,  some more than others. Serenity Skin Care is commited to helping and providing relaxtion and relief even from afar.  I want to encourage you to keep up the good work of washing hands and social distancing to flatten the curve .

To prevent community spread Serenity Skin Care is closed until further notice. According to health experts at the CDC  and California Health department its best spa services are suspended. Serenity Skin Care falls under Phase 3 of reopening. Governor  Gavin Newson has a 4 stage reopening plan.  Alameda County is currently in Phase 2 , Governor Newsome has yet to set a date for Stage 3, therefore Serenity Skin Care will remain closed until a set date is made. 

I wanted to go over the new protocols that will be in place once Serenity Skin Care is allowed to open. 

Serenity Skin Care is implementing  8 new policies and procedures to ensure the safety of its clients and staff. 

1) Clients will be scheduled an hour apart for massages and 45 min apart for any other service to reduce interactions with other clients. During the break rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for the next client.  If you are late to your appointment the appointment has to be shortened or rescheduled as to not interfere with the disinfecting process.

2) If you are early for your appointment we ask you wait in the car or outside in the garden area until your appointment time. The waiting area will only be used to check out clients. This will ensure you do not have contact with anyone except the staff.

3) We ask that you take your shoes off at the door. Socks will be provided if you need them. Please leave your shoes in the waiting area. Put your shoes on in the waiting area during check out.

4) All staff will be wearing PPE  to protect you and themselves (face covering , face mask and gloves)

5) All clients are required to enter Serenity Skin Care with a mask or face covering and remove it in the  treatment room if the service requires it. 

(I.E massage, facial and facial waxing). Please put facial covering back on once you leave the treatment room.

6) All Massage clients are required to have taken a shower before their treatment at home or at Serenity Skin Care facility if needed. 

7) All massage clients will be treated with an alcohol based spray which is applied to the body before the massage. This is mandatory unless you are allergic which will be discussed at the time of the appt. This precaution is necessary because gloves will not be used during the massage. To make this a little more comfortable and fun for just $5 you can upgrade to a cannabis infused alcohol spray which helps with inflammation ,aches,  and pains.

8)All treatments  will require staff to where gloves for the entire treatment expect  for massage and body treatments 


Serenity Skin Care is dedicated to keeping you safe. We will be sending another email once we have an official date of reopening. In the meantime if you like to support, skin care products and  gift certificates are available online thru our website, , Instagram : @serenityskincarespa and Facebook page: Serenity Skin Care  

 During this stressful  and uncertain time there are things one can do at home to relieve stress. Serenity Skin care will be providing tips throughout this time to help remind you that you can find Serenity wherever you are!  I encourage you all to  take a bath with epsom salt, light a candel, smell some lavendar oil and take a deep breath. Keep loving onself and others


For more information on Covid -19 or coronavirus please go to:

Thank you  for supporting Serenity Skin Care and we look forward to serving you in the near future!

Love Peace Tranquility Serenity