Welcome to Serenity Skin Care

Welcome to Serenity Skin Care!

se'ren'i'ty - the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled 

Serenity Skin Care is "an oasis of serenity amidst a bustling city"

The mission of Serenity Skin Care is to heal the skin and body with calming care. Serenity Skin Care has provided services to the Oakland community and the larger Bay Area for over 10 years and is well equipped to service all skin types and pigments. It has been a unique and joyful experience servicing clients who come to relax and be with themselves for some "me time". It is an honor to treat the body and give much deserved attention to you. 

Serenity Skin Care has a unique space that is tranquil and private.  One is able to truly just be. If you think about the good and bad stresses of life, it is a benefit to one's self to be soley focused on one's body for a period of time. Massage has been noted to be a rejuvenating and healing experience for the body and is able to not only relax tired and overworked muscles but give the brain a much needed break. This is just one of many great services that Serenity Skin care offers. It wil be a pleasure to be Service you and your loved ones. 

Love Peace Tranquility Serenity 

Kamilah Crawford