We use Cosmedix because...

Cosmedix uses only the highest quality and most effective ingredients available today. The percentage of active ingredients we use is among the highest available. Cosmedix was developed in an effort to increase the activity of ingredients while reducing any association irritation. This goal was accomplished through a purification process called “Chiral Correction.”

This system has been so effective even the FDA mandated that all new pharmaceuticals be Chirally Correct (if possible) before they are introduced to the public. Cosmedix is also dedicated to using the most natural effective products on the market today. The active ingredients act as preservatives for the products, therefore Cosmedix is an all natural line:  irritant free, preservative free, fragrance free, non acne forming, talc and dye free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free, and cruelty free. Cosmedix spends more on ingredients than any other product line in the skin care industry.

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